Dr. Travis Johnson

Dr. Travis Johnson | President, Chiropractor | Farmville Family Chiropractic

Upon watching his father suffer from health issues throughout his life, Dr. Travis Johnson felt compelled to pursue a career in medicine. While studying anatomy and physiology, he initially leaned toward specialization in cardiology, but once introduced to the study of neurology and chiropractic, he was intrigued. Following his interests, Dr. Johnson obtained a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2002. During his studies, he was granted the opportunity to study abroad in Vietnam and learn about foreign medical practices.

Today, Dr. Johnson excels as the president and chiropractor of Farmville Family Chiropractic. Since 2008, he has successfully treated a wide variety of conditions from headaches, neck and back pain, to shoulder, knee and foot pain. He has also gained valuable expertise in the field as a team chiropractor with the Hampden Sydney Sports Medicine Team and the James River Men’s and Women’s Rugby Teams. To remain abreast of his field, he maintains membership with the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association.

Outside of his primary work, Dr. Johnson remains active in his local community as a coach for youth football, baseball, softball and basketball. He is also a member of the Farmville Chamber of Commerce and the Amelia County Parks and Recreation Planning and Development Committee. Citing his children as his life’s greatest accomplishment, he feels lucky to have a balanced family and work life.  Looking toward the future, Dr. Johnson’s goal is to improve the world by treating, educating and rehabilitating one patient at a time, from newborn babies to professional athletes, helping each individual become a better version of themselves.


Planning & Development Committee, Amelia County Parks and Recreation; Coach, Youth Football, Baseball, Softball, Basketball

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